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Professional Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Clinic is one of the leading professional hypnotherapy centres in Sheffield. The Clinic is run by clinical hypnotherapist Martyn Oldfield. Martyn has been practising hypnosis and NLP at Hypnotherapy Clinic since 2004

Martyn specialises in hypnosis and N.L.P to help people with anxiety, to lose weight and to stop smoking. 

Lose Weight

Lose weight with hypnosis

Lose weight with Hypnotherapy Clinic
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Stop Smoking

Quit smoking today with hypnosis

Stop smoking at Hypnotherapy Clinic.
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Anxieties & Phobias

fears, phobias & anxiety

Anxiety and phobia help at Hypnotherapy Clinic.
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Happy Clients

Happy client after a phobia cure
Happy clients at Hypnotherapy Clinic.
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Free Hypnosis

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